Best Business Models On The Internet

There are two main ways people make money on the internet. The first is the Influencer Model and the second is the Lead Collection Model. Learn how they work, what the process for each is and see how you can use them to start earning money online in this article.

The essential difference between the two is that one is slow, but free, while the other costs a lot more money, but can be up and running a lot quicker.

Influencer Model

The Influencer Model is slow but free. It’s the one most people online start with and there are many success stories out there.

Your main goal for this model is to generate a lot of traffic.

The way you do this? Create and post a lot of content.

You’ll have to be consistent and prolific with the content you create. You can post your content as part of a blog, on social media or YouTube.

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a following, but if you put both in you will have a solid base to start earning money online.

With the Influencer Model you create income by placing ads beside your content, using affiliate links or by selling premium content or goods.

Lead Collection Model

Leads are people who have expressed a desire for what you have to offer. They have already expressed an interest in something you sell, so you reach out to them and try to convert your leads into customers.

The most important thing, then, is being able to contact your leads. The easiest way to do this online is with their email address. You could sign people up to a newsletter and get in contact with them.

If you are set up on social media, people who follow your account are your leads.

You could attract leads with online content, but that’s the Influencer Model. But with the Lead Collection Model you buy your leads instead. That means you get them a lot quicker.

You profit by making sure you are buying leads for less than what you earn from each one. It is the fast but expensive approach.

Which one is best for you?

You have to think about your goals and approach before selecting one model for you. Do you want to get traffic by being a consistent content creator? The Influencer Model is probably the one to go for in that case.

If you want to create a system that makes more out of each lead than it costs to get them, the Lead Collection Model is the one to look at then.

Which Model Is Best For Affiliate Marketing?

Both can work with affiliate marketing. A blogger or social media influencer can recommend items to their readers and earn commission. Affiliate marketers can buy leads and convert them into customers as well.

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